Full GA4 Set-Up Service – £149


Have you had scary messages from Google about the launch of GA4?

Do you have Google Analytics but never use it?

Are you intrigued to know how your site is performing but have no time to learn about Google Analytics?

The benefits of Google Analytics include:

  • Track each source of traffic
  • Understand how users are engaging with your site
  • See how many bookings each traffic source is generating
  • Focussing your attention on your most / least effective pages
  • Data on your users (location, demographic, device information etc)

BUT, Google Analytics 4 is not the easiest platform to use and, as business owners, we are too short on time to engage.

I have created a solution for you…

For a £149 fee, I will set up your Google Analytics 4 account, as well as any ‘conversions’ you want to track. I will then create a reporting dashboard for you which shows all the data you need, but will not require you to use Google Analytics at all. With one click, you can just see what you need to see to make your next big business decision.

Once you have purchased, I will be in touch to get any necessary details from you. You should be up and running within a week.

So, what are you waiting for?