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Sometimes, all you need is some up-front support in SEO to get you started, and then you will be on your way. Consider these audits your SEO jump-start.

Built around where you are at and what type of support you need, my audits provide you with detailed recommendations and a face-to-face or zoom meeting to ensure you fully understand my suggestions.

seo audits

1. Set-Up & Strategy - £147

If you have set up a website recently but don’t know where to start, this is the best place to start. First, we will have a 30 minute consultation call over zoom so I can understand more about you and your ideal clients.  Following this, I will set up your Google Analytics (or check it’s set up correctly), and benchmark how your site is currently performing in SEO. Finally, I will then together a list of target keywords you should be targeting, and show you the different elements of your site you can optimise. It’s then up to you to work on your site at your own pace.


  • You want to make sure your Google Analytics is set up correctly
  • You’d like to do SEO yourself but don’t know where to start
  • You have enough time to invest in SEO ongoing

2. Audit and Optimisation - £597

With this option, you will get everything from option 1, but I will then give optimisation suggestions for up to 10 pages of your site (either existing or new pages). These will be presented to you in a 60 minute zoom call, where I will take you through a PDF report and fully completed optimisation sheet. This will be in an easy-to-digest format to make it as stress-free as possible for you to implement.


  • You understand about SEO but need guidance on optimising your core pages
  • You are happy to implement changes yourself

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3. The Works - £997

With this option, you get everything from option 1 and 2, but I will then log in to your website and make all of the suggested changes on your site. The only time you will need to spend is approving copy changes I suggest in a simple spreadsheet. This is the option for you if you are completely time starved but want SEO to form a solid part of your digital strategy.


  • You want to optimise your site
  • You want to know more about SEO and need a sound strategy
  • BUT you have absolutely no time to optimise or implement

Stacy’s approach is so clear and logical, and she works on a highly bespoke level – she listened closely to my wishes and tailored her recommendations perfectly. I was so thrilled to get such comprehensive and insightful thoughts: I implemented 80% them immediately and have seen excellent improvements in my preferred Google placements in less than a week – I can’t wait to watch my Analytics soar…! Stacy is a gem, worth every penny and more, and I felt supported and uplifted by her positive attitude towards my business and brand. Plus, she is lovely. Book her, You will not regret it!

Nat Raybould, Humanist Celebrant

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