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Still not sure if you want my help with your SEO? I’ve worked with some amazing wedding businesses – read about some of their experiences below…

Nat Raybould – Humanist Wedding Celebrant

As a confirmed SEO-phobe, I was rather nervous when I approached Stacy to get my website the search recognition it deserves. But I needn’t have worried! Stacy’s approach is so clear and logical, and she works on a highly bespoke level – she listened closely to my wishes and tailored her recommendations perfectly. I was so thrilled to get such comprehensive and insightful thoughts: I implemented 80% them immediately and have seen excellent improvements in my preferred Google placements in less than a week! I can’t wait to watch my Analytics soar…!

Stacy is a gem, worth every penny and more, and I felt supported and uplifted by her positive attitude towards my business and brand. Plus, she is lovely!

Book her! You will not regret it!

Grania – Ink & Paper

Stacy’s recommendations were very clear and easy to understand. There’s a nice mix of stuff which is instantly applicable, and some longer-form things that require more thought that I can keep chipping away at and working on over time.

She gave the best SEO advice I have had. I’ve already implemented some of the smaller recommendations. She really knows her stuff, and it’s a big help that she also knows the wedding industry backwards. The amount of clear, actionable information is phenomenal too.

Stacy should be charging at least twice as much for her services, so book your spot before she sees sense and ups her prices! She is BRILLIANT.

Nicola Dawson – Wedding Photographer

I have now had a chance to digest all the information you gave me during my review and wow, I feel so ready and confident to move forward with your recommendations which is something I have NEVER been able to say about SEO before. The difference between working with you and other SEO work I have done is having such detailed steps and change suggestions that are so specific to me and my business. Your explanations were clear, simple and relevant and presented in a practical way. You were professional but so personable and friendly, a real pleasure to work with. I feel completely prepared to implement the strategy you have formed for my business. I 100% believe that you have provided value for money and I would without doubt work with you again and recommend you to other businesses. I can’t wait to see the impact that this is going to have on my business, thank you.

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